Finally, American Business Owners Can Now Work With Highly Skilled Copywriters Without Paying A Dime!

muhammad ilyas kpada

If you’re interested in working with highly skilled copywriters to help build your brand's credibility and ultimately drive massive sales, this is the most exciting message you'll ever read.

Here is why: My name is Muhammad Ilyas Kpada. I am a Direct Response Marketer And Copywriter with over 7 years of experience, an entrepreneur, and the founder of Zero To $500 Copywriting Academy.

muhammad ilyas

In the last 3 years, I've trained over 2,000 highly skilled copywriters who are ready to help your business generate massive revenue and solve everyday marketing problems.

My students are fully trained to write highly converting:

  • tick iconEmails
  • tick iconFacebook Ads
  • tick iconSocial Media Posts
  • tick iconSales Pages
  • tick iconLanding Pages

As a business owner myself, I know how frustrating it is to always struggle to write copy for your business and the bad experience working with so-called “pro” copywriters who cannot deliver your expected results.

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But here is an incredibly big opportunity for you to get highly skilled copywriters work for your business absolutely free.

That means you will not be paying the ever-increasing price of hiring copywriters in the next 30 days…and all your emails, landing pages, sales pages and social media posts will be effectively written.

Please pay no dime in this whole 30 days period!

That way you'll save yourself time and $$ of hiring “pro” copywriters who are not committed to your results.

And after 30 days of working with you, if you are impressed by their results, you can retain them in your company. However, if you don't want to hire them you can go your separate ways with no string attached.

Here is your potential copywriters talking on how prepared they are to help you

So why are we giving you free copywriters for 30 days?

Because our copywriters are highly trained and we are confident they will help you drive massive sales, we want you to see it for yourself in the next 30 days.

And this is another way of helping our copywriters build a credible portfolio - working with real life businesses like yours…

If you will like to take advantage of this opportunity,

We have only 17 copywriters available right now and over 10,000 American business owners read this page on a daily basis; therefore if you are truly interested on taking the advantage of this opportunity, you must be really fast