Who Am I?

You have an awesome product or service. You’ve spent time, energy, and resources to come up with a solution.

And it is time to search for a hungry crowd that will benefit from your solution.

Irrespective, Product or service.

In another version

You’ve been battling with making sales even though you have the perfect product.

Maybe, your product is even better than that of your competitors.

But your door is always shut or your website is not converting, and your competitor is having a bushel in sales.

Most likely, in this case, your problem is “hit and miss”


You may have an idea of a solution.

But how to consolidate the idea and come up with something convincing for the market is a problem.

If you fall under any of these categories.

And you happen to be reading this message right now.

Get excited!

Because I can solve any of these for you.

My mission is simple. Except if your target audience is not humans!

But if you are targeting humans. We know what makes them tick and click…

Even more than their mothers!

Not sleazy selling though

I’m able to figure out where your customers go on fishing, interact with them as friends and serve them a bait (your product) they must bite

I can find out when they wake up at night and why

I can figure out with accuracy what their problem is and tie the solution to your product.

That way,

It will be a no-brainer to make more customers than you can supply.

About Me

My Name Is Muhammad Ilyas Kpada, A Direct Response Marketer And Copywriter For Health And Wellness Brands.

My journey to Direct Response Marketing started in early 2020. During the pandemic.

Before then

I was working remotely with a company called Tetra Write since 2017. Creating SEO content for a peanut pay.

Writing more than 4000 words a day for a payment I would not want to mention here.

But I refused to quit because I wanted to learn and become better.

Going forward,

I developed an urge for business. And I realized the best way to start a business is to understand the market.

And to understand the market you have to become a student of reality.

While becoming a student of reality means you must become a copywriter.

Because it is copywriting that moves the money needle of any business.


I started learning by reading books by legendary copywriters like Gary Halbert, Claude Hopkins, John Caple, Robert Collier, Dan Kennedy, and Joe Sugarman.


I started taking courses from seasoned copywriters. This transformed me tremendously to solve the problem of my clients to their satisfaction (as you may have seen from the home page).

And today, it is your turn.

After fixing your problem, you’d be writing me in a few days expressing how your sales increase by at least 2X.

Contact me
Work Process

How do I work with my clients?

Here is a step-by-step process I will work with you for better result.


Here you will message me with the marketing problem you want me to solve for you with two dates and times for our discussion.


I’ll choose one among the dates you’ve chosen for the strategic meetings and discussion.

Proposal and implementation

After our discussion, I’ll send you details of what to be done. Then, I’ll go ahead to implement everything on your approval.

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