• Are you interested in earning between $ 300 to $ 500 monthly?

    If you can spare 60 days (not 4 years), International Copywriting Academy is here to give you all the guides you need.

  • Foreign Approach To Copywriting

    In this program, you will learn the real secret of effective copywriting and how to write blockbuster sales copy.

    Upwork Masterclass

    Everything from account creation, profile set up, how to write winning proposals, and everything you need to know.

    LinkedIn Masterclass

    One strategy you will use to attract clients and two non-fail strategies you will use to pitch a client that will increase your chance of getting hired by 65%.

    graduated students of International copywriting academy

    International Copywriting Academy

    You may have a conventional university degree. Maybe, even a master’s degree. If you are in any of these two categories, you already knew your education does not translate into financial independence. But not with copywriting. At least, not when you pass through the International Copywriting Academy. Here, you’ll receive training on solving practical problems and getting paid your worth. You’ll be guided on how to solve the ever-increasing human problem and get rewarded without feeling guilty. When you get started, you will be guided on how to write a blockbuster sales copy and how to work with tier-1 countries like the UK, US, and Canada from your own house. If this sounds like what you want, click the “apply now” button below to get started!

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    Meet Your Instructor

    Get all your questions answered in my private group where only you, me, and fellow copywriters interact.

    Muhammad Ilyas Kpada
    Muhammad Ilyas Kpada
    Direct Response Copywriter

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    I’ll coach you until you get your first client if you are playing your part. And maybe forever since you will be in my private support group.

    Teaching involves some extraordinary PDFs, videos, and group discussions where you will learn how to approach a potential client, and weekly analyses of Upwork proposals. You will also submit your written sales copy for review and correction (maybe this is the most important process of becoming a copywriter)

    The payment method will be clearly explained to you in the class and how you will convert your dollars to naira too.

    Your English must not be perfect. But you must be able to read and write in English fairly like someone that just finished SS3.

    There are two sections (batch A and B) depending on your schedule. If you are a student and have academics and other tight, schedules, your program is within 90 days after enrolment. However, If you are not a student at the time and have less schedule, you will join batch B whose program is 60 days.

    You can be assured of one thing after completing this program. You will gain actionable knowledge that will enable you to earn at least 130, 000 naira per month writing sales copy as a side hustle. However, you must do your part. All we need from you is the commitment to implement whatever you learn and do all the well-programmed assignments. As for the certificate, it depends on the number of people needing it per program. And also, the certificate comes with a token of charges.

    Absolutely no. But you must have a phone with an internet connection and can open Google documents. Also, your phone must have either zoom, hangout, or Google meet because most of your clients are going to be foreigners and you will communicate with them via these platforms.

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